ORA-600 kdsgrp1

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在硬件恢复,断电,redo异常等恢复case中ORA-600 [kdsgrp1]是一个比较常见的错误,这里该出来官方关于该错误的解释说明和处理方法

  Format: ORA-600 [kdsgrp1]

  versions 10.1 and above


 This error was introduced in 10g with the fix to Bug 2442351, it provides
 for an extra health check on a block, we detected a null row header,
 see Note:2442351.9 for more information.

 Error may be caused by:

 Case 1. A row referenced in an index that does not exist in the table.
 Case 2. An non-existent rowid pointed to by a chained row.

 Trace Examples:

 Case 1. Mismatch between table and index:

 Trace file has:

 row 02433566.13 continuation at
 file# 9 block# 210278 slot 20 not found

 The file=9 block=210278 is rdba=0x02433566 which was taken from an index:
 row#3[7549] flag: ------, lock: 0, len=85, data:(6):  02 43 35 66 00 14

 But the slot 20 does not exist in the table block:
 tab 0, row 1, @0x1e62
 tl: 2 fb: --HDFL-- lb: 0x3
 tab 0, row 12, @0x191a
 tl: 2 fb: --HDFL-- lb: 0x1
 tab 0, row 17, @0x1675
 tl: 2 fb: --HDFL-- lb: 0x2    
 tab 0, row 21, @0x1459       
 tl: 2 fb: --HDFL-- lb: 0x4

 ORA-1499 may be produced by analyze:

 analyze table <table name> validate structure cascade;

 Case 2. A row points to another rowid which does not exist (Chained row does not exist).
 Trace file has:

 row 1186b11a.ffffffff continuation at
 file# 70 block# 441621 slot 1 not found 

 It means that row with rdba 0x1186b11a continues in file# 70 block# 441621 slot 1.  
 But the information in file# 70 block# 441621 slot 1 does not exist.  It is:

 tab 0, row 16, @0xd7f    ---> This is the slot with the problem.
 tl: 29 fb: -------- lb: 0x0  cc: 11
 nrid:  0x1186bd15.1      ---> It points to rdba=0x1186bd15 slot 1 
(file# 70 block# 441621 slot 1) but that row does not exist in that block.

 For this case ANALYZE TABLE .. VALIDATE STRUCTURE is not detecting this logical corruption
Referece Bug 6858313

Run an export (exp) or Full Table Scan to identify if there is a permanent invalid chained row.

 Workaround for Case 2:
 The row producing the ORA-600 [kdsgrp1] can be skipped by setting the Event 10231

 Note that a testcase has concluded that event 10231 does not skip rows in an Index Organized Table (IOT)
 when there is an invalid nrid as explained in Case 2.  It only works for regular tables.

 Event 43810 skip corrupt block in IOT?s ( 
nor  parameter _index_scan_check_skip_corrupt (11g) work for this case 2 on IOTs either.

  Kernel Data layer Seek/Scan


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