ERROR OGG-01224 TCP/IP error 110 (Connection timed out); retries exceeded.

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标题:ERROR OGG-01224 TCP/IP error 110 (Connection timed out); retries exceeded.



This is generally due due to basic issues like:
* The remote manager process is not running or is running with incorrect port number
* The RMTHOST parameter in the pump extract is not configured correctly.
In other cases, the issue could be due to firewalls that forbid the connection, 
blocking certain ports or processes. 
This is generally seen when there is a firewall between the source and target machine and 
either the ports are not open or just the manager port is open.


The Extract, Replicat and Ggsci processes use ports normally starting at port 7840 and ascend sequentially. 
The ggsci command 'send manager getportinfo detail ' will retrieve the current list of ports that have been
allocated by Manager and their corresponding process IDs.
If you have some port restrictions, then you could use the DYNAMICPORTLIST with some range so that the
collector process will allocate the ports from that range. 
In general to overcome this issue, we could do something like below 

1. Change the target manager parameter file to use something like the following 

port 7809 
dynamicportlist 7810-7820 

2. Stop and start the manager 
3. Open ports 7809 through 7820 in the firewall 
4. Re-start the source pump 
The port range used in dynamicportlist(7810-7820) and the manager port 7809 is just an example. 
You can define your own ports there and have them open. 

OGG Extract Pump abended with ERROR OGG-01224 TCP/IP error 110 (Connection timed out); retries exceeded

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